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Artisan Coffee Paving the Way Out of Poverty with Humphreys Street  

Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Humphreys Street is creating artisan coffee and homemade body products with the social mission of empowering teens and paving the way out of poverty. We interviewed Humphreys Street so see the impact this social enterprise has been making in the lives of teens and to share where you can find their products! 

You can find Humphreys Street on Facebook and Instagram @humphreysstreet. You can also shop their products and find out more information about their social enterprise on their website

What is the social mission of Humphreys Street?

Humphreys Street exists to employ and empower teens in order to develop leaders and provide pathways out of poverty.

How was Humphreys Street started?

Humphreys Street began as the high school program of Harvest Hands, a local community development organization. Harvest Hands runs after school programs and healthy living initiatives in an underinvested South Nashville neighborhood, but Harvest Hands staff was having trouble engaging high school students in traditional after school programming. To be honest, we inadvertently started a social enterprise before we knew what a social enterprise was, all in an effort to bribe students to participate in after school activities.

We hired a small handful of student employees and began roasting coffee on a home roaster in the basement of the former church where Harvest Hands after school programs ran. Together, staff and students wrote a business plan, and a local partner funded a full-size coffee roaster and professional coffee training for one student employee, Ruben. Today, that business has grown to employ 25 students and young adults annually, the old church that used to host after school programs now houses a beautiful coffee shop, and Ruben now runs all of Humphreys Street coffee production, teaching and mentoring the next generation in his neighborhood.

When was this social enterprise started?

 Humphreys Street was founded in 2008 and opened our first coffee shop in 2018. 

Why was this organization started?

We started Humphreys Street as a way to engage teens and young adults in an underinvested community. We aim to create jobs that empower teens to become leaders within their own community, and provide local access to resources that create pathways out of poverty.

Who are the biggest influences of Humphreys Street?

We are inspired by the work of John M. Perkins and other leaders in the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA). 

What do customers love about Humphreys Street products?

Our products are high quality and handcrafted by our student workers in South Nashville. Our coffee is sustainably sourced and produced from seed to cup and we are committed to only roasting high-quality coffee that matches the standards of the third wave coffee industry. We brew with care and precision, making sure that each cup is consistent in our standard of excellence. Our soaps are gentle on skin, made from natural ingredients, and smell incredible!

Where can customers find Humphreys Street products?

We sell our products online here, at our coffee shop in Nashville, and at various local sales events throughout the year.

If you’re interested in donating to Humphreys street they accept donations at 

You can also look forward to Humphreys Street opening a second coffee shop location in downtown Nashville in spring 2021! Don’t forget to shop their products here and follow them on social media @humphreysstreet!