Coping During Covid-19

Most of us have never experienced a pandemic in our lifetimes, so this is something new to a lot of us. Covid-19 has affected all of us in different ways, but one thing several of us can relate to is the toll it is taking on our mental health. The fear of Covid-19 might be making you feel anxious, but you are certainly not alone. Social distancing might be making you feel lonely or disconnected from society and friends, but you are not alone. During these times there are a lot of things we cannot control and unexpected changes, but one thing we can take charge of is our mental health. We are going to provide you with some tips and resources you can use to cope during Covid-19 or anytime that you are feeling this way. 

Are you having difficulty sleeping? 

It is completely understandable that you might have a lot of thoughts before going to bed about what is going on, and that is okay. There are some ways to help you relax and focus on getting a good rest. 

  • Take a break from the news or social media at least an hour before bed. This will give your mind a chance to take a break from incoming news and events and just unwind for the evening. Being away from the light of a device screen may also help you fall asleep faster. 
  • Try meditating before bed. Meditation can be a great way to refocus your mind and relax your body. Check out this website for meditation tips to use for a better night of sleep! 

Are you feeling stressed by a change in your routine? 

People across the globe are facing changes to their daily routines as a result of Covid-19; you are certainly not alone. Several have had to change their work, school, and social routines to accommodate what is happening. Losing your routine can be stressful and affect your mental health, but there are ways to feel more at ease about it. 

  • Try starting a new routine at home. If you are working or taking classes from home it may feel a little disorganized at first, but it could be helpful to create a new routine for yourself. Recreating a routine similar to the one you had before the pandemic might help you feel back on track and organized. Try waking up at your usual time and getting work done during your normal work or school hours. 
  • You might be missing out on your normally scheduled lunch with a friend or weekly workout class. Luckily, you can still do those at home while staying connected and social distancing. Cook something yummy and enjoy eating while on video chat with friends or family. This might help you feel connected during the usual meals you have with them. If you are missing your workout partners or instructor try some online fitness classes or video chat your partners while doing a home workout. These tips could help you continue your normal routine, while still practicing social distancing. 
  • If having a daily routine is helpful for your mental health just try your best to mimic what your routine was before and keep a similar schedule. 

Are you feeling lonely during these times? 

Social distancing makes it harder to connect with others which can affect your mental health, but it is certainly not impossible. With today’s modern technology we can still stay connected with family and friends in real-time. 

  • If you normally talk to your coworkers daily during work, that doesn’t have to stop because of Covid-19. You can stay connected through the workday by having phone or video chat calls and team meetings to stay on track. Staying connected to your work life, even if working from home can be good for your mental health and feeling less lonely. 
  • If you’re missing dates with a friend or partner you can easily recreate those from home! With cool things like Netflix Party you can still watch movies with friends or partners at the same time, and even send chats about what you’re seeing.   

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help!

Everyone is feeling something from this pandemic, and everyone copes with events differently. Getting help if you need it is one of the best things you can do for yourself! Talking about how you feel with others or a professional is a great way to cope with feelings and improve your mental health. If you are able, check in on friends and family during time time, because we could all use a little support and encouragement. Don’t forget that you are not alone during these times and there are fantastic resources and ways to get help! Check out some of these great websites for more tips and guidance on how to cope during Covid-19 and keep your mental health a priority. 

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