Bright Endeavors Interview Blog

Soy Candles & Social Enterprise with Bright Endeavors 

Bright Endeavors is a social enterprise based out of Chicago, Illinois that creates soy candles that are hand made by young moms. We talked with Bright Endeavors to hear about the work they are doing with young moms and more about how Bright Endeavors got started. 

You can follow Bright Endeavors on Instagram @bright_endeavors and Facebook & Twitter @BrightEndeavors! You can shop their products on their online store here! Use discount code: brightdafero for 20% off online orders through 07/15/2020! 

When & How was Bright Endeavors started?

Bright Endeavors was started in 2007 by 2 women entrepreneurs who had the mission to provide job training to women in Chicago. Quickly, local non-profit, New Moms became the number 1 referrer of participants to the program. In 2010, New Moms officially acquired Bright Endeavors as part of their comprehensive service model. In addition to job training, young moms have access to doula services, parent support groups, and housing.

What is the social mission of your social enterprise?

Bright Endeavors exists to partner with young moms on job training. Our coaches use a family-centered approach, grounded in a racial equity lens to ensure young moms feel empowered to enter the workforce and complete educational goals. 100% of proceeds support our mission. 

What is a recent exciting success of your social enterprise?

We had to close our production facility for almost 3 months due to the pandemic; however, through the generosity of our customers and donors, we were still able to keep the young moms safe at home and on the payroll. Now, we are all (safely) back to work pouring candles. It feels good to be back in the production space again! 

Do you admire any other social enterprises?

Lots! Women’s Bean Project, Bee Love, Revolution Workshop, Inspiration Kitchens, Greyston Bakery, Roca, Milehigh Workshop, Homeboy Industries, and Cara Chicago

What do customers love about your products?

Customers love that Bright Endeavors products are 100% soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance, and come in recyclable containers. All candles are hand made and signed by the young mom that made the candle. 

Where can customers find your products?

We sell the candles online on our website, at various boutiques, Whole Foods Market in the Midwest, and we offer a private label candle option for organizations and companies. 

If you would like to make a donation to Bright Endeavors you can do so here! Due to Covid-19 Bright Endeavors is not accepting volunteers, but they will reopen their doors to volunteers as soon as it is safe to do so. Don’t forget to use discount code: brightdafero for 20% off your online purchase through 07/15/2020!