Are Dates Good for Constipation?

Are Dates Good for Constipation?

Every day people are experiencing constipation because it is common in people of all ages. There are several factors that could lead to constipation, like a low fiber diet, dehydration, medication side effects, or lack of exercise. There are plenty of medications or remedies on the market to help ease and prevent constipation but there are more natural approaches as well! If you are interested in getting ahead of constipation for a preventative measure or want to help ease it currently, consider trying dates! 

Why Dates are Good for Constipation

One of the leading factors of constipation in lacking fiber in your diet. When you add fiber to your diet it is promoting regular bowel movements which can help prevent constipation, or relieve constipation if you are currently experiencing it. What you might not know, is that dates are loaded with fiber! According to the USDA, approximately one cup of chopped dates will provide you with 12 grams of fiber. 12 grams of fiber is about half of the daily recommended fiber intake, and the rest you can get from foods like vegetables and whole grains. Since dates are so rich in fiber is makes them a great natural remedy for people experiencing constipation that want to try a natural approach to relief. The date fruit is considered a natural laxative which does create concern for some people, but when eaten in moderation they are a great addition of fiber to your diet. 

Other Natural Constipation Reliefs 

Dates are a fantastic way to incorporate some fiber into your daily intake, however, if you are looking to add more or try some other natural remedies to relieve constipation we are going to share a few more with you! First, hydration is super important! It is always important to be drinking water throughout the day, and if you are dehydrated you could experience constipation as a result. Increasing your daily water intake is beneficial for your body and could also prevent you from becoming constipated. Another way to prevent or relieve constipation is to up your daily fiber intake. As we mentioned before dates are a great source of fiber, but if you’re looking to get your daily recommended 25 grams of fiber there are some other beneficial foods you can add to your diet. Beans, brussels sprouts, and apples are all fantastic sources of fiber as well as other nutrients. Like dates, adding these healthy and natural foods is super easy and they can be added into so many recipes! 

How should I add dates to my diet to relieve constipation?

It is so easy to add dates to your diet! Luckily, dates are so versatile and sweet, they are an easy addition. You can enjoy a handful of dried dates, baking them into a recipe, or trying our date spread! Commonly, when people use dates to relieve constipation they soak a handful of dates in water overnight and then eat them in the morning. Soaking the dates helps your body absorb their nutrients and fiber quicker, for faster relief. If you enjoy the dates dried you are still benefitting from the same nutritional value though, and that is how some people prefer to enjoy them. Another way to add dates into your diet is by incorporating them with other foods or into recipes. Dates are naturally sweet, so it is common to find them in dessert recipes; they can also be used in savory recipes too! Using Dafero’s date spread is another delicious way to get dates into your diet and enjoy a sweet treat. Our date spread is vegan, gluten-free, and no has preservatives. It is naturally sweet and can be enjoyed on its own, as a spread, mixed in with smoothies, and so much more! Our date spread will help you get the fiber you need to aid in preventing constipation and finding relief if you need it! 

If you are experiencing prolonged constipation and are not finding relief is it best to consult with a doctor for ways to help. 


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