5 Tips for Staying Motivated to Workout While Home

#1 Surround Yourself with Positivity & Motivation  

We can all relate to how staying home has made us miss out on things or feeling forced to change our exciting plans. When we’re stuck home all day it is easy to lose motivation or find any positives in the situation. You might be longing to go back to the gym or miss your workout buddies; it’s really hard to see any positives to this situation isn’t it? When you are not positive about the situation, it seems even harder to find the motivation to work out. That is why surrounding yourself with positivity and motivation is key to successfully working out from home. Here are some fantastic ways to stay surrounded by positivity and motivation: 

  • Read quotes that will remind you of what you are trying to achieve. These will inspire you to get off the sofa and back to enjoying some exercises you love, even if you have to do them at home. Consider printing out some positive quotes and hanging them around your space so that you have constant reminders of motivation! 
  • Listen to a motivational playlist to keep you on track in your workout! 
  • While you are at home, play some podcasts about positivity to help you stay in a positive mindset about the situation!    

#2 Give Yourself a Reward

I think we can all agree that looking forward to a reward at the end is definitely motivation to finish a task or project. Rewarding yourself after a workout is just the same! If you are feeling a lack of enthusiasm to workout while home, try rewarding yourself with a treat or something you’ve wanted. If you just need a little something to get you through a day’s workout, reward yourself with a healthy treat afterward or a snack you have been craving. Try Dafero date spread as a reward; it’s super delicious and packed with antioxidants! If you want to set up a longer-term reward, after a full week of home workouts, for example, allow yourself a day off to binge one of your favorite shows. Knowing that you get to spend time enjoying a new season of your favorite series is sure to keep you pushing through your home workouts for that week. In terms of a long term reward, set a goal for yourself and when you reach it, treat yourself! Maybe your goal is to do a certain amount of push-ups or to lose a certain amount of weight. After achieving your long term goal, reward yourself with a purchase you have been wanting to make or a weekend trip you’ve always wanted to take. Thinking ahead of your reward will help keep you motivated in these trying times of working out while home for sure! Also, don’t forget how much you are rewarding your body already by simply choosing to be active! 

#3 Dress for Success

When applying for jobs or getting ready for a big presentation, they always say dress for success, don't they? So why not do that for your home workout as well? Get motivated by putting on your gym clothes and going into your home workout space. When you get dressed for the activity you’ll feel so much better about what you’re doing and want to do well with the task at hand. I mean, why would you put on all your athletic attire just to chill on the couch all day? Even though nobody at the gym will see you rocking some cool yoga leggings or a sporty top, wear it to feel better about yourself! Not to mention that these outfit choices might help your workout be more functional by wearing good sneakers and supportive tops. So instead of lounging in your pajamas all day, put on your favorite workout set and get moving! 

#4 Find a Partner 

How can I have a workout buddy when I am doing my workouts from home? Easy, stay connected with your current ones, or find a new workout partner! So you cannot meet up at the gym or in an instructed class, but who says you can’t still motivate each other from home? When you have someone to work out and get healthy with you can keep each other motivated, on track, and encourage each other. Since you cannot be together in person, stay connected through video chat during your workout. Find a time that works for both of you and do what you would normally do at a gym or class. You could do separate workouts and talk each other through them or decide to sync up what you’re doing. If you used to go solo at the gym, exercising at home might be a good chance to make connections with coworkers or friends on a  similar journey to you. Together you can discuss goals and how to meet them and keep each other focused and encouraged to keep going. Even if you don’t chat during the actual workout, find someone who you can talk to afterward about how you feel and the accomplishments you’ve made. Sharing this experience with someone is a great way to stay motivated when working out from home! 

# 5 Use Apps & Videos 

Not feeling motivated because you cannot see your usual fitness coach or use your regular gym equipment? No worries, this time of exercising from home is a great opportunity for trying out some new workouts! You might have to make some changes to your normal fitness routine, but that does not mean you won’t still have amazing workouts from home. You might not be used to trying new moves or following along with a video, but this is a fantastic chance to learn. There are so many options for designing your own workout on an app or following a fitness instructor online. Another great thing about this is that if you’re not enjoying that particular workout there are hundreds of other videos or apps to use instead. You just need to find one that suits your needs! Check out some of these awesome free apps and follow-along videos and try them at home today: 


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