Amazi Foods Interview

Washington D.C. Social Enterprise Supporting Small Businesses in Uganda 

Based out of Washington D.C., Amazi Foods is using jackfruit chews and plantain chips to support small businesses in Uganda. Dafero got the chance to interview Renee Dunn, the founder of Amazi Foods, to learn more about what her social enterprise is doing and what every customer’s purchase is supporting. 

You can find out more about Amazi Foods and shop their products on their website and follow them on social media @amazifoods 

How was Amazi Foods started?

When we interviewed Renee, she shared with us that Amazi Foods was started in 2016. She said “After studying abroad and doing my thesis research in Uganda, studying entrepreneurship and noticing a gap in our supply chains, wherein there was a beautiful organic bounty to tap into, but because farmers only were exposed to the source level of the supply chain, there was no local value addition or industry, resulting in high unemployment and huge disconnect in our value chains.”

What is the Social Mission of Amazi Foods? 

“By working directly with farmers groups and producing in partnership with small businesses in Uganda, we promote job creation, skills building, and market access to close the gap between source & consumer. Our goal is to shift the status quo of power dynamics in our supply chain - bringing value back to the countries from which we source.” says Renee. 

What advice do you have for someone wanting to start their own social enterprise?

Keep your blinders on, and know that your mission while often presenting additional challenges, is actually your strength. You’ll learn to persevere with a higher cause in mind. 

What does Amazi Foods sell?

Jackfruit Chews - like grownup fruit roll ups, but made just with fruit and spices. Sticky, chewy, sweet, packed with fiber. Bold tropical flavor that’s sure to up your snacking game!
Plantain Chips - dried and roasted, Never fried. Bold hearty crunch, caramelized texture, none of that greasy residue. You’ve never tried chips like these.

What makes your products special?

Renee tells us that, “Amazi Foods is a mindful food company selling healthy, made-in-Uganda snacks. Amazi offers bold globally inspired flavors and unique textures to bring a much needed twist to the dried fruit category. Made simply with fruit and spices, and dried NEVER fried. But the goodness doesn't stop there: every bite you take directly supports our mission to support sustainable supply chains. Amazi snackers know they can Eat Good, feel good, and even do good with Amazi.” 

Where can customers find Amazi Foods Products?

These yummy jackfruit chews and plantain chips can be found on Amazi's website, as well as on Amazon and in Sprouts Market Nationwide. TO find other retailers carrying their products check out their store-locator

Recently Amazi Foods was named Dried fruit product of 2020 by the Mindful Awards! If you’re looking for a tasty snack and want to help small businesses in Uganda, look no farther than trying Amazi Foods! Check out this video for more information!