Social Mission N

We believe everyone deserves to access the same opportunities. Vulnerable women, such as refugees and former trafficking victims, are one of the least likely groups to access gainful employment, achieve financial stability and are particularly affected by marginalization even in their new communities.

As direct employers of refugees and former trafficking victims, we noticed several of the women we worked with lacked the critical skills which would allow them to independently succeed when given the same access as others. 

That is why at Dafero we took manners into our hands and developed a life skills app with educational modules on financial literacy, early childhood education, women’s rights, health and hygiene, among other topics. The app is being translated in Arabic, Spanish, Albanian, & French and is distributed free of cost to NGOs and humanitarian organizations assisting vulnerable women, government agencies and Chambers of Commerce with companies also supporting and employing vulnerable women.

Anyone can download the app at Google Play under "Dafero Life Skills". Contact us at if you would like to partner or have any tips on modules to expand.

We also created this infograph to show the prevalence of forced displacement and human trafficking worldwide: