Social Mission

We believe everyone deserves to access the same opportunities. Vulnerable women, such as refugees and former trafficking victims, are one of the least likely groups to access gainful employment, achieve financial stability and are particularly affected by marginalization even in their new communities.

Dafero funds education and employment programs for refugee and trafficked women worldwide through the Kura Foundation by Dafero. We have directly created almost 50 courses, available in dozens of languages, to support vulnerable women, their families and their communities, in their journey to self-reliance. The courses are free for all to use, easy to access on a mobile phone, computer or tablet, and guide the user on topics ranging from financial literacy to nutrition. 

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we understood the importance of providing evidence-based support to families, which is why we create the first physician-approved course on understanding COVID-19, and another course on facing the mental health effects of the pandemic.

We created this infograph to show the prevalence of forced displacement and human trafficking worldwide, and why it's so important to tackle the issue from a workforce and self-reliance perspective:


Everyone can access our courses here. We're always expanding our course curriculum and social impact programs. Contact us at if you would like to partner with us, or if you are a non-profit and need a specific course to help you better support the communities you work with.