Why You Should Start Posting Workout Videos on YouTube

Following social distancing measures and stay-at-home orders, fitness and workout videos on YouTube have gained even more popularity. A 2020 study published by Joseph Johnson revealed that 18 percent of female adults in the U.S. tuned in to more online exercise videos. Viewership aside, is it a good idea to start posting workout videos on YouTube?


Why You Should Start a Fitness Channel

Apart from the fact that video content receives the most interaction online, a fitness channel could greatly benefit people who are going on their own wellness journeys. Working out at home is easier when they see someone performing the workouts compared to when they’re just reading about how to do certain exercises from blogs. This allows them to observe proper body mechanics in motion, unlike in static photos. Additionally, a video lets them play, pause, and revisit exercises.


Being a fitness vlogger also gets you motivated to keep yourself accountable for your own health and wellness. This way, you’ll be pushed to move and exercise both for yourself and your viewers. That said, a YouTube career could also be very rewarding. A Search Engine Journal write-up on how to earn on YouTube talks about how there are multiple avenues for creators to earn on the platform via ads, brand partnerships, and soon through views. A fitness channel lets you keep doing something you love as you connect with more people, and generate income in the process.


Tips for Creating Great Videos

Establishing a “Story”

One of the key things to remember when making a workout video is that you should treat it like a vlog. While the workout itself is the core, you should also make sure to incorporate your personality and your own tone into the videos. You can even talk about diets incorporating nutritious ingredients and treats from our Dafero Superfoods collection, along with other wellness tips.

 Appropriate Setting

We previously discussed the things you’d need for a home workout in our ‘How to Set Up Your Ideal Home Gym for Hassle-Free Daily Fitness’ article. Make sure the setting reflects the workout you’re doing. And we’re not saying that for a boxing video, for example, you’d need to be in a ring. What we’re saying is to have the backdrop match the activity; if you’re doing yoga, do it someplace peaceful and serene, like a veranda with greenery. If you’re making a dance video, then you could fit a barre into your wall and have a good sound system for the music.

 The Right Camera Setup

We’re living in a time where cameras are packed with great features that make videos easy to capture, transfer, and upload. While there are some phones out there that can shoot high-quality videos, your best bet is still to go with a camera that can shoot at least Full HD. You don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on one, as there are lots that fit into every budget. Adorama’s video equipment shows how they vary from the Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (over $2000) to the Panasonic Lumix g7 (under $500). You can even opt for a mirrorless camera like the Sony α6300, which is the entry-level camera in their exceptional α series. Whichever type of camera you go for, ensure it has enough storage capacity and can shoot high-quality videos.

 Good Lighting

Another thing to consider is the lighting. Sure, you can bank on natural light for your videos, but you’ll find that lighting equipment actually makes your videos look more consistent and professional. The light kits on Rolling Stone includes the versatile LimoStudio Photography Continuous Lighting Kit, which comes with customizable heights, perfect for both standing and floor exercises. It also lists the HPUSN Continuous Lighting Equipment, which is ideal for indoor filming, and it comes with a backdrop, too.


Knowing all of this, the next thing you need to do is to get moving on your new channel.