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Ending Relapse Using Sustainable Fashion with Unshattered Social Enterprise 

Based out of Hopewell Junction, New York, Unshattered is a social enterprise that is creating ethical and sustainable fashion pieces while providing job skills training for women in addiction recovery. We had the opportunity to speak with Kelly Lyndgaard, Unshattered’s Founder, to hear more about her journey starting Unshattered and the work they are doing to help end relapse for women. 

You can find Unshattered on Instagram @Unshatteredny and on Facebook @Unshattered. Use discount code DAFERO for free shipping on your online order through August 30, 2020! 

How was Unshattered started?

Kelly originally worked in the IT industry and then become involved in a local 12-month recovery program for women, but noticed a problem at the end of the program. Kelly noticed that at the end of the 12 months, some of the women did not have job skills, education, or a safe community to go back home to. Kelly created Unshattered in 2016 to employ women in recovery to help pave the road between sobriety and long term success by giving the women employment and economic independence.

What makes Unshattered products special? 

Unshattered makes handbags and other products, including masks, out of all upcycled, donated materials. Unshattered reclaims fabrics from the fashion industry, upcycled military uniforms, sets from Broadway shows, and more. They have saved approximately 3,000lbs.of fabric per year from landfills and the waste system. When you purchase a product from Unshattered, 100% of the profit goes to employment and benefits for women in recovery. 

Three Secrets of Unshattered Products 

First, every product has a gold seam incorporated into it somewhere as a nod to the Japanese art form of Kintsugi. The Japanese art form of Kintsugi is used when pottery is broken and gold is used to fix it and create a new piece of art that is even more beautiful. Second, this social enterprise names every bag after someone who is struggling with addiction. Names are collected from organizations working with people still struggling with addiction and assigned to products. When you purchase that product you are carrying it in honor of someone that hopefully finds healing like the women on the Unshattered team have found. The third secret of Unshattered is that hidden inside of every bag, the artist who made it includes a secret message that only they know about. 

What is Unshattered’s social mission?

The social mission of Unshattered is to end relapse by providing job skills training and employment for women in recovery from addiction. 

What is a recent exciting success?

In June of 2020, Unshattered reached a milestone of 4 years of providing full-time employment for women in recovery. During that time, Unshattered has seen every single employee continue to choose sobriety and have no relapses.

What other social enterprises do you admire?

Kelly and Unshattered admire the work of Treetops Collective, which is a Michigan based social enterprise working with refugees. Thistle Farms, Hoving Home, and Homeboy Industries are other social enterprises that Unshattered admires. 

What is the best advice you have received or would like to share?

Kelly shared with us that you are not the hero of this work, the true heroes are the individuals overcoming their struggles and becoming successful. You can use your gifts to guide and encourage them, but they are the true heroes. 

Where can customers find Unshattered products?

You can purchase their products on their online store! You can also visit the Unshattered Boutique in Hopewell Junction, New york. Other boutiques throughout New York carry Unshatted products as well, and if you are interred in becoming a retailer you can check that out here!   

Interested in Donating?

You can donate here to help create more jobs for women in recovery! 

For more information about Unshattered and to shop their products visit their website! Don’t forget to use discount code DAFERO for free shipping on your order valid through August 30, 2020.  When purchasing from Unshattered you are not only purchasing a sustainable fashion piece, but you are also supporting employment for women in addiction recovery.