Stroopies, Inc. Interview Blog

How Making Stroopies is Making a Difference in the Lives of Refugees 

Stroopies, Inc. is a Pennsylvania based social enterprise that is focused on making stroopies and providing employment for resettled refugee women. We interviewed the owners of Stroopies, Inc. to discuss the story and mission behind their brand and to get an inside look at their social enterprise making a difference. 

You can follow Stroopies, Inc. on Instagram @the_stroopie_co or shop their products here. Use discount code SAVETHESTROOPIES to save 25% on Stroopies. 


What makes your products special? 

Stroopies are special! Not only are they delicious rewarmed on top of your favorite beverage, with ice cream, or while making a Stroopie S’More!

Where do you sell your products?

We sell the Stroopies on our online store. We also sell Stroopies at our retail store: The Lancaster Sweet Shoppe, were we manufacturer the Stroopies, and at the Lancaster Marketplace where we have a market stand where we make our gluten-free line of Stroopies. We also love to set up at shows and festivals and make fresh warm Stroopies and sell packs of products. We also wholesale the Stroopies to other stores that want to carry our product.

When did your organization start? 

Our organization started in January of 2008. 

How was your organization started? 

The founders of Stroopies, Inc. had Dutch friends who helped them get started.  The goal of the Social Enterprise was to make a quality product while providing meaningful employment. 

Why did you start your organization? 

The founders of the company had a great idea with husband and I came on as owners to really develop the brand and give new life to the idea. We have always been intrigued by how the things that we have in our hands can be used as worship to God and a blessing to other people. We love that social enterprise is a sustainable way for social issues to be addressed in the context of business! We love our work at Stroopies, Inc.

What is your social mission? 

Stroopies was founded to provide meaningful employment to resettled refugee women whose new home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We have two main goals: to see the women move up into management positions in the company or to see them use Stroopies as a springboard to launch into other careers as they get established. We are happy to offer an English class that happens as a part of the paid workday!

What is a recent exciting success?

Since all of our shows and festivals have been canceled in this season we have recently released a marketing campaign that is working well to save the stroopies that the women have made and regift them into new homes! Selling the Stroopies at a 25% off promotion with the code:  SAVETHESTROOPIES. Shop them here

Who are your biggest influences? 

The City of Lancaster where we make the Stroopies is very supportive of social enterprise. They have been an amazing support...our community is a priceless gift. Assets is a local non-profit that works with small businesses and social enterprises...they have been an amazing support. 

What other social enterprises do you admire? 

The Bridge - led by my good friend, a resettled refugee from Somalia that is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  

What is the best advice you have ever received? 

If your product is good and will sell...don’t be afraid to take time to really develop a good root system with your social enterprise seeds take time to germinate...sow your seeds widely, and see what grows, while all the time building a good foundation, when the right time comes for the next growth stage, you will be ready.

What advice do you give someone wanting to start a social enterprise?

Make sure you have a product that will actually my opinion this is the reason that most social enterprises don’t get off the ground. They have a great social mission...but they need a product that they can market and sell. 


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