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How Rugs For Good is Breaking the Cycle of Poverty for Children in India

Rugs for good is an Australian based social enterprise that is passionate about breaking the cycle of poverty through educating the children of India. We interviewed the founder of Rugs For Good, Jessica Kulakowski, to talk about the story and mission behind the social enterprise that is using rugs to end poverty. 

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What makes your products special?

Our products are child labor free which is very important issue in the world today. There are 152 million children trapped in child labor globally. In the carpet industry, “carpet kids” sit at looms for up to 14 hours per day, using sharp tools to weave carpets with no access to education. Some are trafficked to loom sheds far from home, often under threat of violence, to work off a family debt that can never be repaid on meager wages. We have over 300 rugs to choose from with most of them being handmade by artisans in India. They are beautiful and good quality. 

When did Rugs For Good start? 

November 2019

How was your social enterprise started? 

I started RFG when my son was 4 months old after watching the documentary 'Daughters of Destiny' on Netflix. I was so moved by the documentary based on The Shanti Bhavan Children's Project which we now support, that I got started on building the business from my living room while my son was napping. Within 5 months I had it up and running. It was a side project that I started because I wanted to create a better world for not only my son to grow up in, but for other children, especially those living in poverty.  

What is your social mission?

The goal of Rugs For Good is to help end the cycle of poverty through educating the children of India. You can read more of their story and mission here

What is a recent success? 

In the first 4 months of operating, I was able to donate $8,000 to Shanti Bhavan which was beyond my wildest dreams! Consumers are hungry for change, they want to buy products that are either ethical, eco, and/or supporting a good cause.

Who are your biggest influences? 

My biggest influences are other social entrepreneurs. A few people I can think of are Ronni Khan, founder of Oz Harvest, and definitely Dr. Abraham George, founder of Shanti Bhavan. I was also very inspired by the brand Thankyou

What advice do you give someone wanting to start a social enterprise?  

If you try and do everything perfectly, you'll end up doing nothing at all. Yes, I'm a perfectionist and this was the advice a friend who worked in Marketing gave me when I first started and I was too scared to keep moving until everything was perfect. Well... his words set me free so that I could just keep creating and moving forward.

Make sure to follow Rugs For Good on Instagram @rugs for good and shop their handmade rugs here! 100% of their profits go towards the education of children in India.