More Washington D.C. Food Brands

More Washington D.C. Food Brands You Need to Check Out! 

Dafero’s home city of Washington D.C. is filled with tons of delicious food brands you need to try! We got an inside look at some more D.C. local food brands we think you’ll love! These brand founders shared with us the journey of starting their business, what customers are loving about their products, and more! So, if you’re a D.C. local or want to support these businesses, please keep reading! 

Berg Bites 

Started in 2016, Berg Bites has been creating their tasty Berg Bites, Berg Bars, and coming soon is The Mity Bite! The Founder of Berg Bites, Daniel Berg, shared with us what customers love about their products and what ingredients go into the healthy snack. Customers love Beg Bites for satisfying their sweet tooth and for a handy, nutrient-dense snack. Berg Bites deliver long term energy with complex carbohydrates from heart-healthy oats, pea protein isolate, essential fatty acids from nuts, chia seeds, and coconut oil, and prebiotic fiber for gut health. Customers love that they can just grab and go, and it's the right choice every time. Berg Bites also has a social mission of helping to feed those in need as well as helping to educate youth on the importance of nutrition and showing them how fun and exciting it can be to eat clean and live clean. 

Daniel Berg spoke to us about how Berg Bites got started and why he decided to start a business. He said, “It all started at the Berg family household when we would serve “health bites” as a dessert to all our guests. Everyone fell in love with these bites and I decided that someday, I’ll make sure this healthy treat is available for everyone! But first, it was time to get an education.

When I went off to The George Washington University, my mom would ship bags of the bites so that my dorm roommates and I wouldn’t “starve.” We lived off the bites! In a dorm, you really don’t have much nutritious food available and these would fill us up and satisfy our sweet tooth.  And like I said back home,  I declared to my roommates that I would someday make these health bites for everyone!”

The best advice Daniel received when starting his business was to be patient. He wants to share with others that want to start their own brand to be very patient and persistent! Once started as a healthy dessert for guests, Berg Bites has been featured in Forbes and Yahoo and recently sold their products to NFL and NBA teams. 

You can find their bites online or in over 300 retail locations including Whole Foods, gyms, coffee shops, health and wellness stores, etc. If you place an order online don’t forget to use discount code “Runitback” for 10% off your order! Be sure to follow Berg Bites on social media @bergbites and try out their delicious healthy bites!



Walt’s Waffles

Created by Chief Waffle Officer, Chi Y Yan, Walt’s Waffles is creating waffle buns right in the nation's capital of Washington D.C. We interviewed Chi to ask what makes his products special, and why locals are loving Walt’s Waffles. When we asked what makes Walt’s Waffles special Chi said, “We designed waffles for sandwiches. Our Original Waffle Bun has a shape that holds up to the messiest eaters and customers on-the-go with its unique rounded shape. They have an unmistakable lightly sweet buttery waffle taste and are incredibly light and crispy. And our same great recipe comes in convenient, easy-to-use Pancake & Waffle Mixes that makes great-tasting pancakes & waffles at home easy.” Sounds yummy right? Since 2019 Walt’s Waffles has been creating their delicious waffles buns and mixes that you can make right at home. 

We asked Chi how Walt’s Waffles got started and he told us, “With a light bulb moment 6 years ago, we sketched out our waffle bun idea. Through countless design iterations and prototypes, receiving a patent, and dozens and dozens of recipes, we launched as a company in 2019.” Recently, Walt’s Waffles has partnered with Rainforest Distribution on the east coast. “They will help us greatly expand our reach and we’re excited to work with their sales team to get our products into more locations,” Chi said. 

We also asked Chi if he wanted to share some advice with anyone else wanting to start their own business. He shared some awesome words of wisdom, Chi said “Be ready to work extremely hard and do things that are out of your comfort zone. It’s just the nature of starting a brand that no one knows and having to take on all facets of business until you have enough working capital to hire others.” 

You can find Walt’s Waffles on their website, as well as at Union Kitchen Grocery and soon their products will be available at Giant Delivers. Don’t forget to check out Walt’s Waffles on social media @thwafflebun




Based out of Rockville, Maryland, SNACKLINS is creating plant-based salty snacks! This local brand first began in 2015 and was co-founded by Samy Kobrosly. SNACKLINS was started after two friends decided they were going to try and create a vegan pork rind one night in the basement of a bar. A few years later, SNACKLINS is creating several flavors of their plant-based salty snacks. Their snacks are vegan, gluten-free, paleo-friendly, low-calorie, and more! 

Customers are living SNACKLINS because their products are made from unique, veggie-based ingredients, namely yuca, onions, and mushrooms. They were originally created as a plant-based pork rind alternative. Not to mention, SNACKLINS are only 80-90 calories for the entire bag! With inspiration coming from Sun Chips and their revolutionary idea of offering a healthier version of something that has been long considered “bad” for you, SNACKLINS wanted to create their own healthy and crunchy snack. Recently, SNACKLINS was aired on Shark Tank and received an investment from Mark Cuban Companies! D.C. locals and customers everywhere are loving their healthy snacks!

When we interviewed SNACKLINS we asked them what advice they have for others wanting to start their own food brand. SNACKLINS shared with us that, “It’s like going to school. Be prepared to learn every day and continue to do so… Making a delicious snack is easy, but you’ll need to learn every nook and cranny of packaging, production, etc. to grow your business and keep it moving forward. (also you’ll need friends, so it’s honestly a lot like school).” 

You can find SNACKLINS on their website. Their vegan snacks can also be found on Amazon, or Thrive Market. Also, in-store at Mom’s Organic, Yes! Organic, Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, Morton Williams, Shop Rite, and Roche Brothers. To find a store near you, check out their store-finder! First-time customers can get free shipping on their first order with the code CRUNCHTASTIC! Follow SNACKLINS on social media @eatsnacklins for updates and a look at their plant-based snacks!