Mooshoes Vegan Brand Interview Blog

Vegan Shoes & More with Mooshoes 

Mooshoes is a 100% vegan brand creating products that everyone can enjoy while remaining cruelty-free. Based out of New York, NY, Mooshoes is creating vegan shoes, accessories, apparel, and other accessories as well as reusable/zero waste products. We interviewed Mooshoes to hear about what customers love about their products and where they can find them! 

You can follow Mooshoes on Instagram @mooshoes_nyc and on You can find Mooshoes products on their website here!

How was Mooshoes started?

Sisters Erica & Sara Kubersky started the store in 2001. As longtime vegans, they wanted to make it easier for people to find quality non-leather shoes and accessories.


What makes your products special?

We’re 100% vegan, so customers who are interested in or passionate about a cruelty-free lifestyle can shop comfortably and easily knowing that all of our products are vegan.

What is your social mission?

Our mission is to provide well-made, cruelty-free vegan products so that people don’t feel like they have to wear leather or other animal materials. We also focus on stocking small vegan brands that make their products in an ethical and sustainable way, including our house brand, Novacas.

Where can customers find your products?

We sell online through our website,, and ship all around the world. We also have a flagship store in downtown New York City.

If you are looking for vegan or reusable products be sure to check out Mooshoes for cruelty-free products! Check them out on Instagram @mooshoes_nyc & shop their vegan products here!