Fountain House + Body Interview

How Fountain House + Body Social Enterprise is Making a Difference 

Based out of New York, NY, Fountain House + Body is a social enterprise that creates customizable, handmade, low waste soap, and cleaning supplies while employing individuals living with several mental illnesses. We interviewed Stephanie from Fountain House + Body to get a better look at how soap and cleaning supplies are helping to changes the lives of those living with severe mental illness. 

You can follow Fountain House + Body on Instagram @Fountain_nyc and shop their products here! Use discount code Dafero15 for 15% off any purchase! 

When was Fountain House + Body created? 


How was your social enterprise started?

Fountain House + Body is part of the Fountain House social enterprise program. Fountain House has been helping people with serious mental illness recover and get back to work for over 70 years, and our more recent social enterprise program was created to enhance this mission. Fountain House + Body, which opened in 2019, is our first brick and mortar social enterprise.

What is your social mission?

Fountain House + Body has a triple bottom line:

  1. to provide meaningful paid work opportunities to people with serious mental illness
  2. to produce and sell environmentally sustainable, low-waste products
  3. to generate a profit to sustain and enhance our employment program


What makes your products special?

Our products are special because they are made with care by our amazing employees! All of our employees are people living with serious mental illness, which makes it extremely difficult for them to find and maintain employment. Our employees are excited about working at Fountain House + Body because it’s a place they can learn new skills, make a living, and further their recovery. 

In addition, all of our products are customizable with the essential oils of your choosing and are low or zero waste. All of our bottled products can be refilled in store—or you can bring in your own reusable container!

Where can customers find your products?

Our products are sold in our store in Soho at 105 Thompson St, New York, NY, or on our website!

If you are on the market for cleaning supplies or soap that is low waste and want to make an impact, consider supporting the social enterprise Fountain House + Body! Don’t forget to use discount code Dafero15 for 15% off any purchase!