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Coconut Oil with a Social Mission with Dignity Coconuts 

Dignity Coconuts is a social enterprise based out of the Philippines that creates raw virgin coconut oil and lip balm while supporting vulnerable communities. We interviewed Erik Olson, the President of Dignity Coconuts, to see how coconut oil is making a difference in vulnerable communities. 

You can follow Dignity Coconuts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube @dignitycoconuts and you can shop their products on their website!  

How was Dignity Coconuts Started?

For years we were helping women escape sex trafficking, but as we traveled upstream to see how they were trafficked to begin with, we realized our nonprofit efforts needed to address the economic pressures. 

When was your social enterprise started?

Dignity Coconuts was born in 2010 out of a conviction to stop sex trafficking and modern-day slavery. 

What is your social mission?

The coconut oil industry is exploiting small farmers in the Philippines, leaving them desperate to feed their families and with mountains of debt. These are exactly the kind of vulnerable communities traffickers prey on so we are fighting against this injustice at the root - where it begins. We created a way out by starting a direct trade coconut company, going beyond fair trade with our community development work including skills training, education, and clean water.

What other social enterprises do you admire?

Sunshine Nut Company is probably our favorite. They are incredible people doing incredible work.

What makes your products special?

Instead of overprocessing like all the virgin coconut oils on the shelf, we use a centrifuge that simply spins the oil out of the fresh coconut cream. Our unique method is 100% raw, preserving all the micronutrients. Best of all, our fresh, mild taste won’t overpower your food, making it the perfect oil for your everyday meals and ideal for smoothies, oil pulling, skin, and hair. 

Where can customers find your products?

We sell on our website, Amazon, and some retail stores. 

If you are in search of raw coconut oil, consider supporting Dignity Coconuts. Their mission as a social enterprise is to go beyond fair trade by supporting communities with education, training, and more! You can find their products here