Dates & Your Immune System

Are dates good for your immune system? 

Yes! Dates are great for your immune system because they are rich in vitamins and minerals that help boost and protect your immune system. Although these fruits are small and might not look like much, they are packed with benefits for your immune system and even more. Keeping your immune system healthy is essential for reducing your risk of illness or infections, which is why you need to add dates to your diet today! How could you not want to enjoy a naturally sweet treat while also boosting your immune system? 

What makes dates good for your immune system? 

Dates are loaded with nutrients that help keep your immune system going strong, so let’s talk about what those actually are! Nutrients that are good for your immune system include Vitamin C, folic acid, iron, selenium, magnesium, and zink. Lucky for us, dates contain all of those! All of the amazing benefits that come from dates due to their nutrient-packed nature make them a superfruit; great for immune health. Eating just a few dates per day or enjoying Dafero’s date spread is an amazing way to get the vitamins and nutrients that are great for you and your immune system. 

The science behind the nutrients! 

So we discussed what is in dates that make them beneficial to our immune systems, but now let’s talk about what all those amazing ingredients actually do!

Vitamin C 

  • Our bodies do not produce their own Vitamin C, making it an important nutrient to consume in our foods daily
  • Helps stimulate the production of white blood cells, which protect us from toxins entering the body
  • Aids our bodies in producing important antibodies
  • The powerful antioxidants protect the white blood cells 
  • Dates contain about 1% of the recommended daily intake on Vitamin C 

Folic Acid    

  • Aids in the reproduction and repair of DNA, a deficiency in folic acid can affect the immune system 
  • Eating our date spread will help you get the folic acid your body needs! 


  • Necessary for the maturation and proliferation of immune cells 
  • Lack of iron can cause anemia and weaken the bodies line of defense 
  • One serving of dates contains 1.5mg of iron according to the USDA 


  • Helps fight oxidative stress, which can weaken your immune system 
  • Reduces inflammation 
  • Selenium deficiency can slow the immune system’s response 


  • The activity of cells in the immune system depends on magnesium
  • Magnesium aids in the production of cells, affecting the immune system 
  • Vital for optimal immune function 
  • One serving of dates contains 63mg of magnesium according to the USDA 


  • Helps fight infection
  • Supports normal growth, important for the immune system to function properly 
  • Can reduce the length of a cold or respiratory infection 
  • Our date spread is a great way to incorporate zink into your diet and reap the benefits! 

How can I add dates to my diet to start boosting my immune system? 

Adding dates to your diet can be super simple and delicious! Since you only need to consume a few dates daily to start feeling their benefits, they are an easy addition. Also, since they are naturally sweet they make for a perfect yummy snack, addition to a dessert, or natural sweetener. Our date spread is only 3 ingredients and loaded with awesome nutrients, which makes it a great way to enjoy something tasty while positively impacting your immune system! Try adding our date spread to your favorite smoothie recipe for some added sweetness and benefits. You can also enjoy it on toast or crackers, baked into your favorite desserts, or as a frosting substitute for cakes and other desserts! Adding dates to your diet is a simple and tasty way to start boosting your immune system and feeling more healthy!    


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