Can Diabetics Enjoy Dates?

If you are diabetic, maintaining blood sugar levels might be a challenge for you sometimes. With restrictions commonly on sweet treats, it can be hard to find something sweet and delicious, while still being mindful of how it might affect your blood sugar levels. Luckily, we’re here to tell you that you can still enjoy dates! Dates are naturally sweet and are unlikely to spike your blood sugar levels when eaten in moderation. Which means, you can still enjoy all of the healthy benefits of these superfruits along with their sweetness! 

Why Dates are Okay for Diabetics to Enjoy 

Before knowing the amazing health benefits and information on how dates might affect blood sugar levels, they could be a concern for people with diabetes. Should you add dates to your diet if you are diabetic? The answer is yes! When eaten in moderation, dates are a sweet treat loaded with health benefits that can be enjoyed by individuals with diabetes, with little concern for them spiking blood sugar levels. Being mindful of a food’s glycemic index is very important for people with diabetes and maintaining their proper blood sugar levels. According to Healthline, when foods have a lower glycemic index, approximately a GI of 55 or under, they are less likely to spike an individual’s blood sugar and insulin levels. Even though dates seem to be very sweet, they have a low glycemic index, making them appropriate for individuals with diabetes to enjoy. Since dates are high in carbs, that could also raise concerns for someone with diabetes. A food’s glycemic load is usually ranked into three levels, which are determined by the number of carbs in the food. In this Healthline article, they mention that the three levels are low, medium, and high. They recommend that individuals with diabetes stick to foods that are measured in the low to medium range of glycemic load. If you consume one to two dates, they are considered to be in the medium range of glycemic load, making them safe for diabetics to enjoy. Knowing this, you can be mindful of blood sugar levels and your carb intake, but still enjoy a few dates. If you are diabetic you should always check with your doctor to confirm what foods are safe for you to enjoy. 

How to Enjoy Dafero’s Date Spread 

If you are looking for an easy way to start enjoying dates in your diet, start off by trying out our date spread! With only 3 ingredients and no added sugars, it is a super delicious way to start incorporating the fantastic health benefits of dates into your diet. Did you know that dates are full of fiber, antioxidants, and other amazing nutrients for your body? They are! Which is another great reason to incorporate dates into your diet by using our date spread! Dafero believes that great taste should not mean compromising your health. Which is why our date spread is crafted with only three ingredients, is vegan, and gluten-free. You can enjoy a spoonful of our naturally sweet date spread on its own, use it on toast or a bagel, incorporate it into salad dressing to make a tasty vinaigrette, or bake with it! The possibilities are endless and there are so many ways you can enjoy it! You can find our delicious date spread on our online store here!

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