5 Tips for Boosting Your Mental Health While at Home

5 Tips for Boosting Your Mental Health While at Home 

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly caused a lot of changes and added stressors into our lives. During times of uncertainty like these, it is easy to neglect our mental health and get occupied or focused on other things. Beginning mindful of your mental health is important for staying healthy and working through the stressors of life. While being home and social distancing during the pandemic you might feel more mental health challenges, which is why we’re going to share some tips about how to boost your mental health while still staying at home or practicing social distancing! 

#1 Experiment by Trying Something New

While being home, you most likely will have a little more free time on your hands. Have you been wanting to try a new recipe or an idea Pinterest idea? This is a great time to finally try those! With a little extra time on your hands with being home, this is a good opportunity to make use of your time by being creative. Being creative is a great way to express yourself and keep your mind active! Even if your recipe or idea does not turn out exactly as planned, at least you still had fun doing it and expressing yourself. Letting your creativity flow is a good way to relax for a little bit from the world around you, and boost how you are feeling mentally! Here are a few ideas from Pinterest to help spark your creativity and experimentation! 

 #2  Start Writing 

Writing can be a fantastic way to get your thoughts across and clear your mind, which will in turn boost your mental health. Writing does not have to be anything formal either, and you do not need any experience. Writing can be as simple as writing a positive message to yourself on a note and keeping it somewhere visible, journaling, or even starting a personal blog. When you write, it gives you a chance to express how you are feeling and get your thoughts and points across exactly how you want to. Sharing your writing with others can be inspiring for some, or just keeping a personal diary can be helpful as well. A great idea is to keep a list of things that you are grateful for, or accomplished during the day. This will help you stay motivated to complete tasks or reflect on the good things happening around you. If you decide you want to journal but you are unsure what to write about here are a few awesome prompts to get you started! 

#3 Enjoy Some Sunshine 

Getting outside and enjoying the stillness of nature can be a nice way for you to boost your mental health while still following recommended social distancing guidelines. Getting out of your house and enjoying some fresh air could help ease some stress and allow you to unwind for awhile during the day. There is so much to do outside in nature that is free and can help boost your mental health during these challenging times. Enjoying a walk outside is a fantastic way to spend a few minutes outside, and also see the beauty of the area you live in. Whether you live in a city or a rural area, there is always something to enjoy about being outdoors walking during a nice day. If you prefer being outside longer or are working from home and want a change of scenery, consider completing some work outside. Find a nice spot for a chair or trees to hang a hammock from, where you can relax or complete some work, while still being outside enjoying the fresh air. The next day that the weather is nice, consider going outside and enjoying some sunshine and boosting your mental health! 

#4 Show Some Love to the People In Your Life

Although social distancing might be physically keeping you from those you love or care about, it does not mean you cannot still show them you care of are thinking of them! There are plenty of ways to stay connected and still show appreciation and support to the special people in your life. Thanks to modern-day technology, it is much easier to stay connected and talk to the people we care about. Make it a priority to call those in your life that you are unable to see during the pandemic and just spend some time catching up with them. This can help boost your mental health because just talking to someone and sharing your thoughts can help you feel more connected, even while being apart. If you have access to a laptop or phone with a camera, video chatting with a friend or family member can be a great way to show love to the people you are missing. Another way to show some love to those you are away from is to send them a card to let them know you are thinking of them! You can pick up a card at the store when you’re out or make a homemade with a genuine message. Sending and receiving cards might be seen less often these days, which is what makes it even more special. Writing out a message to someone you’re missing can help you get your feelings across and connect with them while being apart. Human interaction and love are keys to better mental health, and while being home might make it more challenging, it is certainly not impossible to show love to the people in your life. 

#5 Have Fun While Doing Housework 

Since you are likely spending more time at home lately, you might be spending more time cleaning or doing housework. Sometimes housework could feel like a chore, but there are ways to actually boost your mood while doing housework! Sometimes after cleaning and having a nice, tidy space your mood will naturally feel boosted because of everything being cleaned and organized how you want it. If cleaning isn’t really your favorite thing to do, try changing things up a bit to make it more exciting an actually boost your mental health. For example, try listening to your favorite music while cleaning. If you are really feeling it, cleaning can even become your own private dance party in your home. Dancing and being active increases endorphins in your body, which help boost how you are feeling! Next time you decide to clean, try dancing around or jamming out to your favorite songs and you might feel a boost in your mental health! 


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