5 Social Enterprises Supporting Refugees

Sew For Hope

Sew For Hope is a social enterprise based out of Nashville, Tennessee. This organization supports refugees by providing sewing equipment and sewing instruction for displaced women in order to advance their skills and find jobs related to the sewing field. Not only do they learn how to sew, but they also build community connections and business skills while in the program. During the sewing classes, the women have the opportunity to learn about operating a sewing machine, different textiles, seems, sewing zippers, making home decor, stitching techniques, creating accessories, and so much more. After the completion of 16 sewing lessons, the women show their new skills with a hands-on exam to complete the program. Then they earn a certificate of completion and are awarded a new sewing machine! Graduating from this program is often the first time that refugee women are recognized for their skills and talents. Sew For Hope also assists graduated women with job applications and opportunities for employment. 

Do you want to help? Sew For Hope takes donations and volunteers! You can donate or apply to volunteer here!

1951 Coffee Company 

The social enterprise, 1951 Coffee, is a non-profit organization that provides job training and employment for refugees in the United States. This organization has three cafes located in California where they employ refugees as well as use their company to educate their local community on issues that the refugee population is currently facing. They chose their title because in 1951 guidelines for the protection of refugees were created and they are passionate about continuously providing support to that population. 1951 Coffee Company emphasizes that community involvement is key for success when refugees are resettling. Their team is adamant about informing and educating the community of issues and ways they can be supportive of the people adapting to a different life in the United States. This coffee-loving organization helps its employees with linguistics, and cultural orientation, all while providing them with living-wage jobs as baristas in the new country they are apart of. 1951 Coffee Company assists over 100 refugees every year with barista training and job placement. 

You can help support this organization in their efforts to support refugees by shopping their merch and coffee on their website or by enjoying coffee and a treat at one of their locations! When you make a purchase it directly benefits employment and job training for refugees. Check out some cool coffee mugs and tasty coffee here!

Talent Beyond Boundaries 

A fantastic way to support refugees is by finding them job placements that fit their skills and interests, which is exactly what this organization does. Talent Beyond Boundaries is a social enterprise that is committed to finding job placements for talented misplaced persons all over the world! This organization noticed that talented and skilled refugees often end up in a location where they cannot best utilize their skills, so they developed their company to help them find a better fit and the ability to move someone where they can make better use of their skills and talents. Labor mobility is very important for so many workers around the world, so now this organization is making that a reality for refugees as well. The Talent Beyond Boundaries team works with employers all over the world to place skilled refugees in an environment where they can let their talents shine. This organization has placed misplaced people in jobs ranging from the culinary field to the computer science field. The organization’s drive to work with companies all over the world had supported refugees in ways that will benefit them and their families for the rest of their lives. 

You can help create economic pathways and support displaced people resuming their lives by donating to Talent Beyond Boundaries on their website

Makers Unite

Face masks have quickly become a part of everyone’s daily look all around the world as the Covid-19 pandemic has unraveled. Did you know that even social enterprises are contributing to the cause by making face masks to donate to people in need? Makers Unite is an organization that makes sustainable products with the help of their refugee employees. Not only does Makers Unite employe and support displaced people, but they also host creative development programs for refugees to develop themselves professionally. Their unique approach allows refugees to use their creativity as an outlet for empowerment. Makers Unite is known for making sustainable products such as laptop cases, and tote bags that were once life-vests used during migrant travel. Did you know you could turn a used life-vest into a sustainable and trendy technology case? I didn’t! Lately, this organization has been using their talents to create reusable facemasks for communities in need due to the worldwide shortage of face masks. The production of Makers Unite products is headed by employees with refugee backgrounds and some help from locals. Although they are a new social enterprise they are still making a huge impact and supporting refugees along the way! 

Check out their line of sustainable accessories and bags made from used life-vests here! Don’t forget you can also donate to Makers Unite to help with the cost of producing face-masks for communities in need! 

Beautiful Day 

Do you often crave a sweet treat, but prefer a healthier option? You can enjoy your treat and support refugees by purchasing granola from Beautiful Day! This social enterprise started as a volunteer-run granola business that shaped into a non-profit that employs and supports refugees. This organization not only takes pride in their satisfying granola but also in providing support to the over 100 displaced people they have helped. Beautiful Day employees refugees and also teach them critical skills and helps them adjust to life in America. This granola company allows displaced people to feel more confident in their communities and welcome them into society. Beautiful Day provides training at multiple levels, with an emphasis on training people facing the biggest job barriers. In efforts to better understand and connect with the displaced workers, almost all of the training staff were once refugees. Several refugees that are trained at Beautiful Day continue onto further employment opportunities where they can support themselves and their families, as well as enriching the communities around them. Beautiful Day sells a variety of granola options and even gift boxes so that you can send a gift with meaning that supports refugees. 

If you’re feeling hungry for a healthy but tasty treat check out Beautiful Day’s store for a variety of granola options!

Consider volunteering, donating, or purchasing products from these social enterprises! When you do so you are supporting refugees as well as helping these organizations further their efforts and make an even bigger impact!