5 Food-Based Social Enterprises Supporting Refugees

#1 The Lancaster Stroopies Company 

Stroopies stroopwaffels

Can you think of anything that sounds better than a cinnamon cookie with a layer of homemade caramel on the inside to go with a hot cup of coffee? We can’t! Luckily, we know just the place to find that tasty treat! Look no further than the social enterprise, The Stroopie Co. based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. For those who don’t know, a stroopie is a cinnamon cookie that is made with a waffle iron, that has a layer of caramel in the center. Already a tasty treat, but what makes them even better is that these specific stroopies are supporting refugees! The team at The Stroopie Co. is dedicated to providing meaningful employment experiences to displaced people in Lancaster, as well as creating amazing stroopies. Every year this company provides employment and support for 1,000 refugees that resettle in Pennsylvania. As a benefit to their refugee employees, Stroppies provides an English class to help their employees succeed and get acclimated to American culture. Employees of this company often advance into leadership positions or use their learned skills to succeed in other employment opportunities later on. 

It’s amazing that you can enjoy a treat while also supporting refugees in Pennsylvania! Check out their options here if you’re feeling hungry.

#2 Foodhini

Foodhini catering

Did you know you can have cultural dishes delivered to your home that were prepared by talented refugee chefs? If you’re from the DMV area consider ordering from Foodhini! This social enterprise has a mission of using food to create opportunities for immigrant and refugee communities. Foodhini supports refugees by employing them and using their existing talents to cook authentic multicultural meals that can be delivered ready-to-eat right to your home or workplace! Foodhini’s chefs have years of experience preparing cultural meals in their own homes and now they can bring them to you. This organization not only provides refugee chefs with a liveable wage but also gives them the opportunity to make connections and find economic mobility. 

On Foodhini’s website, you can read the stories of the refugee emerging chefs who are preparing your food and order something delicious! Check it out here!


#3 Havenly Treats

Havenly Treats

Mmm, doesn’t eating a yummy baklava sound even better when you know it’s supporting refugees? At Havenly Treats, you can do just that! This social enterprise bakery has a mission of supporting refugee and immigrant women by providing them with the proper tools to succeed as well as baking baklava. Thanks to their sales of treats Havenly Treats is able to provide displaced women with a liveable wage and the opportunity to attend educational workshops and develop skills and better connections. Havenly Treats is committed to not just running an organization for refugees, but actually by refugee women. Leadership is very important to them as they want to prepare female refugees for leadership in the company and their communities. This organization noticed that a large percentage of refugees in the U.S. do not attend training programs, because they cannot choose classes over making a living. At Havenly Treats they pay their employees to learn and work at the same time, providing them with a great opportunity to succeed. They teach the women about literacy, rights, food safety, English, and so much more during their program. 

So, if you are craving some yummy baklava consider ordering from Havenly Treats and supporting refugee women at the same time! Order on their website here! 

#4 Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbour

If you’re from Pittsburgh, you know all about the traditional cookie table at weddings. Even if you’re not familiar, I’m sure you love having a sweet treat. Thanks to Hello Neighbor you can enjoy delicious desserts made by Syrian refugee mothers. Hello Neighbor is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based food social enterprise that supports refugee women. Their mission is to provide tasty baked goods to the community that can also be shipped around the U.S. and to help refugee women gain financial freedom. Hello Neighbor employs refugee women to bake cookies and desserts to sell as well as preparing foods in partnership with local Pittsburgh restaurants. When these refugee women help cook or sell cookies to the community it is benefiting them financially, they are making connections with the community, and utilizing their talents. On Hello Neighbor you can order multicultural desserts such as basbousa and ghoriba. Hello Neighbor combines a Pittsburgh cookie sharing tradition with support for refugees and we can’t think of a better combo!

If you want to try out some of these delicious and authentic desserts head over to their store to order online or visit their Pittsburgh location. 

#5 Dafero 

Yes, we did it, we included ourselves in this listicle! We mean, how could we not include our delicious date spread that also supports refugees? Dafero is a social enterprise that specializes in vegan, paleo, glutenfree, and low glycemic index desserts that everyone can enjoy! Dafero supports refugee women by providing them with sustainable employment and English training. We also developed a free life skills app that includes modules on women’s rights, health and hygiene, financial literacy, and so much more! Refugees often face hardships when it comes to gaining successful employment and financial stability, which is why it is Dafero’s social mission to provide refugee women with access to the same opportunities as others. Our organization sells three flavors of naturally sweet date spread that will satisfy your sweet tooth and support refugee women! 

You can find our delicious date spreads here